Make Your Selfies Happier!

Taking a selfie and posting it on SNS is not difficult. Happy Selifie lets you take awesome photos of yourself.

Happy Selfie makes your selfies look awesome with face detection.

Have fun with Happy Selfie! It's super simple, super cute.


Magic Filter System!

Happy Selfie has easy-to-use color filter system.

Just slide the circular button horizontally then Happy Selfies makes amazing photos for you.

Your Eyes Are Beautiful!

Happy Selfie can make a difference with iOS device's powerful face detection.

Just tap the dotted circle. It's super easy to change focus point.
Can you feel the difference?

Cute Hand Drawn Stickers

I drawn some useful and beautiful stickers.

100% handmade stickers. Try it. It will be perfect fit with your selfies.

Decorate Your Selfie With Captions

Do you need to write something? Such as 'Happy BDay!', 'I Know What You Did Last Summer.', etc.

Just tap the 'Add' button.

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